Sheets Example

Worth Over All Possible 5-Year Timespans (1926-2015)

Monthly Total Returns S&P 500 and 5-Year Treasury Bonds, Rebalanced Annually

1% Chance of Failure

Worst Ever Crash was 76% from Peak Value (inflation adjusted)

Plain English: After adjusting for inflation, if you were to invest $1,000,000 in 100% Stocks and 0% Bonds, withdraw $0 each year and wait 5 years, you would have a good chance of having at least $0.93 at the end, and an even better chance of having at least $0.72 at the end. Your money could lose up to 76% of its value during a market crash during this time. At this withdrawal rate, there is also a 0% chance you will fail and have a zero balance during this period.

Timespan: 5-Year
Percent Bonds: 0%
Yearly Withdrawal (percent of original investment): 0%
Initial Investment: